"I believe people have the power to make a difference. Our future depends on a strong economy, a healthy environment and local people working together. As your County Commissioner these are my priorities—for a Kitsap County we can be proud of!"

Why we support Charlotte

Derek Kilmer – US Congressman
Charlotte Garrido is a tireless champion for Kitsap County. As County Commissioner, Charlotte has led the charge on workforce training and development, protecting our most valued natural resources, and modernizing local government to improve efficiency and citizen access. We need Charlotte’s leadership and expertise at this critical time. I am proud to support her re-election, and I hope you will too!

Christine Rolfes – Washington State Senator
We know we can count on Charlotte for compassion and intelligent leadership. She has stood out regionally as an advocate for ferries and developing effective workforce training that gets people into the jobs they want and that Kitsap needs.

Larry Seaquist – Former State Representative
Charlotte Garrido is the strategic leader we need at this moment of historic crisis. I trust her bold creativity and her genuine concern for every citizen to help us build a path to a better future. At a time like this her knowledge, experience, and caring for people are what we need in a county commissioner.

Jay Roof – Superior Court Judge (Ret.)
I strongly endorse Charlotte Garrido for Kitsap County Commissioner.  She has served extraordinarily in that capacity the past several years.  She is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate for and about our county.  Charlotte is a member of one of the most selfless families I know.

I first worked hand-in-hand with Charlotte when I was the budget judge, a position I held for a number of years, for the Superior Court.  She is conservative when it comes to the taxpayer’s dollars, requiring that there be a positive cost benefit for every dollar spent.  But she also knows that tremendous savings can be achieved by investing in prevention. 

Having seen her work and witnessed her compassion, I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, endorse Charlotte Garrido.  She has more than earned my vote and yours. 

Martitha May – Kitsap Mesa Redonda,  Founder , KIAC Co-founder & KAIRE Leadership
I am supporting Charlotte Garrido for re-election as county commissioner. I have known Charlotte for many years and know that she does not just make promises, she follows up on them. I call her a great human being. She not only works for the community, she cares about us. Many times community members have to pursue elected officials to get their attention. With Charlotte it is the opposite. She reaches out to us to learn and understand our needs. With all the fear from covid and the actions of the administration, we know that Charlotte can be trusted to pay attention to the entire community and to work for all of us. She believes in people and our ability to work together.

That is why I am supporting Charlotte and urging you to re-elect a leader that we all need in these trying times.”

Robert Boddie – Community Activist
I’ve known Charlotte Garrido for over 30 years.  Charlotte has always been a steadfast supporter of the community of color. She helped me found People Organized Working for Ethnic Reality (POWER) an organization seeking to strengthen multiracialism in our Kitsap County. She was an early supporter of Bishop Larry Robertson’s vision to create a community center serving youth and families. She worked with Linda Joyce and the Kitsap YWCA to secure housing for women fleeing abusive relationships. As a county commissioner she worked with Tara Simmons to secure just employment practices for people who were formerly incarcerated. These are just a few examples of her efforts in our community.

Now she continues reaching out to understand and act on our thoughts and strengthen multiracialism in Kitsap County. In times like these we need Charlotte’s dedication, knowledge, and experience to help us carry on. That’s why I’m supporting her for re-election. She never stops working for and with us.

Tarra Simmons
Charlotte Garrido is an extraordinary leader in our community. She has the intelligence and experience to get results we need in good and bad times, and a compassionate heart which ensures she is always looking to lift up the most vulnerable in our community. I am proud to call her a role model and a friend, and I am honored to endorse her in her re-election for County Commissioner.

Carol Dudley – South Kitsap Resident
I have lived in Port Orchard for 40 plus years now, raised my family and have contributed to the wellbeing of my community in many volunteer positions. 

We are living thru challenging times and it has been heartening to witness the generosity of our community, through paying it forward in coffee lines, neighbors shopping for elders, smiling eyes from covered mouths and take out dining to support our local restaurants.  We really uphold that small town congeniality as we grow and welcome newcomers. 

I am voting for Charlotte Garrido in the upcoming primary and election.  She has served Kitsap County for the 40 plus years that I have lived here as a community activist, small business owner, contributing professional and elected leader.   Charlotte has led efforts to spur local job creation through workforce training programs, streamlined county services resulting in cost efficiencies, led a project to reduce homelessness and introduced a program to address issues of mental health and substance abuse while protecting natural resources and ecosystems. She has guided our District as we grow and change and yet maintain the values and attributes that come with a unified vision for our future as a community.   As we move forward into uncharted economic territory, I want a leader with the knowledge, skills, connections and heart to listen to the needs of the people and make a positive difference in our Kitsap quality of life.

Mary Ann Huntington – South Kitsap Resident
On December 18, 2018 our street was hit by a very destructive tornado. Every one of the 18 homes in our division was damaged. Even though because of fallen trees it was hard to get down our street Charlotte managed to show up several times. She made everyone know she cared and made sure we knew where to turn to answer our questions for permitting and repairs. Charlotte was the only elected official to come to my house for months. Thank you Commissioner Charlotte Garrido.

Lynn Collins – South Kitsap Resident
In normal times, our County Commissioner, Charlotte Garrido, would be out knocking on doors, connecting with the public she so loves, and asking for votes toward her re-election. But these are not normal times, and so the warm personal connection that Charlotte has with her constituents is denied.

In normal times, it might be interesting to vote for a newcomer to politics, an untried candidate, to see if they would rise to the occasion and do a good job in the position. But these are not normal times, and I think it wisest to stick with our experienced, dedicated, productive Commissioner, Charlotte Garrido.

During her terms in office she has continually worked to help solve the housing crisis, to protect the environment, to streamline government, and to develop job training programs.

Please join me in voting to return Charlotte to the office of Kitsap County Commissioner.

George Willock – South Kitsap Resident
I support Charlotte Garrido for re-election as Kitsap County Commissioner, District 2.  I have known Charlotte for many years.  Never have I run across anyone more focused on improving the quality of life for those in our community. Her courage, dedication, inclusive leadership style, and ability to get things done are truly a benefit to Kitsap County. Please join me in bringing Charlotte back for another term.

Constance Maytum – Port Orchard Resident
I am supporting Charlotte Garrido because in these trying times we need a leader who has faced tough times before and gotten us through them. During the economic crisis starting in 2008 Charlotte worked with other elected officials and county departments to continue essential county services and keep a balanced budget. She is constantly meeting with residents to learn from them, understand their needs and work towards solutions. This is evident in her recent meetings with the community of color to understand how county government can be more inclusive. A county commissioner can only do so much. They need the connections and partnership of other local, regional and national leaders. Charlotte has those connections. Her endorsers include US Representative Derek Kilmer, State Senator Emily Randall, State Senator Christine Rolfes, State Representative Sherry Appleton, and county and city officials from around the Puget Sound region. These are the partnerships that will help us get through the current crisis and continue to build a strong community.

Ann Giantvalley, Port Orchard
In the commissioner’s race my vote goes to Charlotte Garrido. Commissioner Garrido has been a voice for the people of Kitsap County during her tenure as a commissioner and long before that. Charlotte is all about involving citizens, caring for the people in our county, doing what is right for our county. She has a wealth of knowledge and skill that far outweigh any of her opponents. She is willing to listen. She takes action and helps our county thrive. She works hard and with determination to do her best and stay up to date with information and actions that will benefit us. Her long term dedication to Kitsap County is deeply appreciated.  With respect for our democracy: of, by, and for the people.