"I believe people have the power to make a difference. Our future depends on a strong economy, a healthy environment and local people working together. As your County Commissioner these are my priorities—for a Kitsap County we can be proud of!"

Why we support Charlotte

Derek Kilmer – US Congressman
Charlotte Garrido is a tireless champion for Kitsap County. As County Commissioner, Charlotte has led the charge on workforce training and development, protecting our most valued natural resources, and modernizing local government to improve efficiency and citizen access. We need Charlotte’s leadership and expertise at this critical time. I am proud to support her re-election, and I hope you will too!

Christine Rolfes – Washington State Senator
We know we can count on Charlotte for compassion and intelligent leadership. She has stood out regionally as an advocate for ferries and developing effective workforce training that gets people into the jobs they want and that Kitsap needs.

Larry Seaquist – Former State Representative
Charlotte Garrido is the strategic leader we need at this moment of historic crisis. I trust her bold creativity and her genuine concern for every citizen to help us build a path to a better future. At a time like this her knowledge, experience, and caring for people are what we need in a county commissioner.

Jay Roof – Superior Court Judge (Ret.)
I strongly endorse Charlotte Garrido for Kitsap County Commissioner.  She has served extraordinarily in that capacity the past several years.  She is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate for and about our county.  Charlotte is a member of one of the most selfless families I know.

I first worked hand-in-hand with Charlotte when I was the budget judge, a position I held for a number of years, for the Superior Court.  She is conservative when it comes to the taxpayer’s dollars, requiring that there be a positive cost benefit for every dollar spent.  But she also knows that tremendous savings can be achieved by investing in prevention. 

Having seen her work and witnessed her compassion, I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, endorse Charlotte Garrido.  She has more than earned my vote and yours. 

Tarra Simmons
Charlotte Garrido is an extraordinary leader in our community. She has the intelligence and experience to get results we need in good and bad times, and a compassionate heart which ensures she is always looking to lift up the most vulnerable in our community. I am proud to call her a role model and a friend, and I am honored to endorse her in her re-election for County Commissioner.

Barbara Felver, Bremerton
Charlotte Garrido is the hardest-working person I know. 

I have known Charlotte for many years, and worked with her on a variety of projects that reflect her values: workforce development, food security, environmental protection, homelessness and affordable housing, and strengthening neighborhoods. 

To all of these areas, she brings years of experience as a business owner, an educator, and a leader on issues of sustainability, urban planning, human services, and employment training. 

One of the things I most admire about Charlotte is her ability to bring together different voices, listen, research, and forge solutions to meet shared goals. She is expert at moving from community engagement to policy development to action.  Here at home, she’s on the scene as we work toward progress on health care, jobs and economic prosperity, transportation and infrastructure, sustainable growth, and safety. Regionally, she provides Kitsap County with a strong, respected voice.

Don Manning, Port Orchard
I thank Mr. Oran Root for his military service, but I feel Charlotte Garrido is the most qualified candidate for the Kitsap County Commissioner (District 2) position.

She has much more experience and the most relevant education and background. She has worked tirelessly to reduce homelessness and has supported a more diverse community while promoting more equity in the county government. She has focused on the balance of protecting the environment while allowing for reasonable growth.

Throughout her years of public service, she has demonstrated her dedication to Kitsap County and our needs, like workforce development, attracting business, and living-wage jobs. Additionally, everyone should appreciate her wise and frugal input when it comes to the use of our county budget. 

I believe we need Charlotte and others like her to help navigate the next four years of progress in our county. Let’s re-elect Charlotte!

Gene Bullock, Poulsbo
I had the privilege of working closely with Charlotte Garrido before she was elected as County Commissioner, and I’ve witnessed first-hand her passionate commitment to protecting both the environment and working families. 

She is someone who is highly intelligent, boldly creative and really caring about families and the difficulties they face in these increasingly hard economic times.  She is someone gets out in the community and listens.  Accessibility has always been especially important to Charlotte, because to her, understanding and responding to the needs of individuals and families is what guides and motivates her.  And, believe me, she walks her talk, with wisdom and sensitivity, based on a wealth of real-world experience. 

Charlotte Garrido is the leader we need to elect in this moment of historic crisis. 

Chris and Ann Smith, Port Orchard
We have known Charlotte Garrido for over 40 years and consider her a close friend. Shared meals and values, support of small scale farming, the development of parks, and concern for the less fortunate in our county have built trust and brought us together. In our judgment, she has conscience, integrity, and ability.

Now Charlotte is running for re-election to the Board of County Commissioners. Besides her admirable personal qualities, she has a strong working knowledge of the human and institutional resources of Kitsap County and the will to tap into them. At a time of social and economic stress, this knowledge and experience is invaluable.

Additionally, she brings a strong commitment to citizen participation in government. Ultimately there can’t be any greater respect to citizenry.

When you combine her personal qualities with on-the-job experience and a solid record of accomplishment in matters from housing to public parks, you have a person uniquely able to serve our County. Let’s re-elect a leader who is prepared and principled. Please join us in voting for Charlotte Garrido.

Susan Leavell, Bremerton
There is so much stress and worry over the pandemic and how it has affected people in so many ways and, despite this, we have an opportunity to be involved in political decisions this year. Voters get to show support for candidates who have earned our vote. Charlotte Garrido is one of those contenders who deserves a “yes” vote.

Commissioner Garrido is a leader who is not tied to politics, simply great county government. I have known her for several years and have found her to be an attentive listener who genuinely wants to understand differing points of view.

Ms. Garrido has championed education and schools, keeps an eye on our forests and parks, is committed to fair and reasonable growth management, and works every day on behalf of all citizens of Kitsap County. She is a believer in equality for all human beings and is eager to continue her goal of working with local and state government to be successful in becoming more diversified. Commissioner Garrido is also working tirelessly to find a solution that will eventually end homelessness. Her passion for a fair and just world for all people is evident in her actions both off and on the job.

Sheryl Quine, Port Orchard
Charlotte Garrido, who currently serves as our County Commissioner, is a long time resident of Kitsap County.

She deeply cares about protecting the environment and also allowing for reasonable growth. She is devoted to attracting living wage jobs to our county and to reducing homelessness. She has served and will continue to serve if re-elected, with dedication, thoughtful consideration, and intelligence.

Charlotte Garrido is a person with great experience and is someone we can trust. She will always do her best to listen to concerns and make well thought out decisions. I highly recommend re-electing Charlotte for the next 4 years to guide us forward in Kitsap County.

Chuck Lemon, Port Orchard
I’m writing in support of Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido.

I normally don’t have much to say about a county commissioner, I just assume they do whatever they do for the county and it probably doesn’t affect me too much. However, Charlotte was very beneficial to our family this past year.

We were considering to sign up for sewer service being as how a sewer was being installed on Yukon Harbor and Colchester Drive. Charlotte attended the meetings with the public and helped answer questions so we could make an informed decision. I really appreciated her involvement and her concerns for the county. She is a true public servant that really cares about Kitsap County and she deserves our support.

Please vote for Charlotte Garrido.

George Willock, Southworth
I hope you will join me in re-electing Charlotte Garrido as County Commissioner. During her time as commissioner, she has made countless contributions  toward the the betterment of Kitsap County. Here are just a few examples: She has worked tirelessly  to provide affordable housing and shelter for those of us less fortunate. After the 2018 tornado, she was on-site daily, ensuring that those affected were provided with all the assistance the county has to offer. She supports inevitable population growth  in ways that allow for more housing without losing  Kitsap County’s woodsy rural character. She has ushered-in the creation and/or restoration of many  parks and open space areas including: South Kitsap Community Park; Harper Park, Anderson Point County Park and Howe Farm. She is committed to making sure the county budget remains in the black and that our tax dollars are used wisely. And, she works hard to bring new businesses (and jobs) into the county. 

In these interesting times, Kitsap County needs leaders with experience, integrity, common sense and the ability to get things done. That’s why I’m voting for Charlotte Garrido.

Jeff Gangnes, Olalla
I fully endorse Charlotte Garrido for Kitsap County Commissioner.

She continues to provide the essential leadership that only comes with experience in this critical job. Ms. Garrido has consistently demonstrated that she is knowledgeable, with an ability to listen and understand the issues facing all the residents of Kitsap County. More importantly, Charlotte is responsive to those issues and concerns and takes action to address them. Her 40-plus years of community service are commendable, making contributions to county parks, the environment, jobs, Kitsap homelessness solutions, and most importantly, good governance. All of which can be attributed to her community engagement and intelligent decisions on how to improve Kitsap County.

Charlotte Garrido is simply the most qualified and experienced candidate on the ballot for Commissioner District 2.

Lynn C. Collins, Port Orchard
In normal times, our County Commissioner, Charlotte Garrido, would be out knocking on doors, connecting with the public she so loves, and asking for votes toward her re-election. But these are not normal times, and so the warm personal connection that Charlotte has with her constituents is denied.

In normal times, it might be interesting to vote for a newcomer to politics, an untried candidate, to see if they would rise to the occasion and do a good job in the position. But these are not normal times, and I think it wisest to stick with our experienced, dedicated, productive Commissioner, Charlotte Garrido.

During her terms in office she has continually worked to help solve the housing crisis, to protect the environment, to streamline government, and to develop job training programs.

Please join me in voting to return Charlotte to the office of Kitsap County Commissioner.

Martitha May, Bremerton
I am supporting Charlotte Garrido for re-election as county commissioner. I have known Charlotte for many years and know that she does not just make promises, she follows up on them. I call her a great human being. She not only works for the community, she cares about us. Many times community members have to pursue elected officials to get their attention. With Charlotte it is the opposite. She reaches out to us to learn and understand our needs. With all the fear from covid and the actions of the administration, we know that Charlotte can be trusted to pay attention to the entire community and to work for all of us. She believes in people and our ability to work together.

That is why I am supporting Charlotte and urging you to re-elect a leader that we all need in these trying times.

C.A. Glock-Jackson, Olalla
Please join me in supporting Charlotte Garrido to continue as our South Kitsap representative as County Commissioner.

For many years, Charlotte has served us well and is definitely the person best qualified to guide us through these challenging times. Whether it’s working to reduce homelessness, protecting our environment while allowing reasonable growth, thoughtfully spending our hard-earned tax dollars or celebrating our diversity and our similarities – she understands our concerns and works for solid, fair and equitable solutions. Charlotte listens and acts thoughtfully for the benefit of all of us. With her long-time dedication to our community, her education and her experience, Charlotte Garrido the right choice.

Constance Maytum, Port Orchard
I support Charlotte Garrido for Kitsap County Commissioner because in these trying times we need a leader who has faced tough times before and gotten us through them. During the economic crisis starting in 2008 Charlotte worked with other elected officials and county departments to continue essential county services and keep a balanced budget. She was on the ground at the big mudslide in Hansville and recently at the tornado site in Port Orchard. And she went back to see what else was needed. She follows up.

She meets with residents to learn from them, understand their needs, and works towards solutions. This is evident in her recent meetings with the community of color to understand how county government can be more inclusive.

A county commissioner can only do so much. They need the connections and partnership of other local, regional and national leaders. Charlotte has those connections. Her endorsements include U.S. Rep. Derek Kilmer, State Senator Emily Randall, State Senator Christine Rolfes, State Representative Sherry Appleton, and county and city officials from around the Puget Sound region, as well as members of the community who have met her. These are the partnerships that will help us get through the current crisis and continue to build a strong community.

Thank you. Vote! Your vote counts.

Mary Ann Huntington, Port Orchard
On December 18, 2018, our street was hit by a very destructive tornado. Every one of the 18 homes in our division was damaged.

Even though because of fallen trees it was hard to get down our street, Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido managed to show up several times. She made everyone know she cared and made sure we knew where to turn to answer our questions for permitting and repairs. Charlotte was the only elected official to come to my house for months.

Thank you, Commissioner Charlotte Garrido.

Robert Boddie, University Place
I’ve known Charlotte Garrido for over 30 years. Charlotte has always been a steadfast supporter of the community and people of color. She was a board member of People Organized Working for Ethnic Reality (P.O.W.E.R.), an organization seeking to right injustice and inequality in Kitsap County. She was an early supporter of Bishop Lawrence Robertson’s vision to create a community center serving youth and families. Charlotte worked with Linda Joyce (Executive Director) and YWCA to secure housing for women fleeing abusive relationships. As a County Commissioner, she also has worked with Tarra Simmons to secure just employment practices for people who were formerly incarcerated.

These are just a few examples of her effort in our community. Now she continues reaching out to understand and act on our thoughts and strengthen multiracialism in Kitsap County. In times like these we need Charlotte’s dedication, knowledge and experience to help us carry on. That is why I’m supporting her for re-election. She’s a warrior and never stops working for you.

Carol Dudley, Port Orchard
I have lived in Port Orchard for 40 plus years now, raised my family and have contributed to the wellbeing of my community in many volunteer positions.

We are living thru challenging times and it has been heartening to witness the generosity of our community, through paying it forward in coffee lines, neighbors shopping for elders, smiling eyes from covered mouths and take out dining to support our local restaurants. We really uphold that small town congeniality as we grow and welcome newcomers.

I am voting for Charlotte Garrido in the upcoming primary and election. She has served Kitsap County for the 40 plus years that I have lived here as a community activist, small business owner, contributing professional and elected leader.

Charlotte has led efforts to spur local job creation through workforce training programs, streamlined county services resulting in cost efficiencies, led a project to reduce homelessness and introduced a program to address issues of mental health and substance abuse while protecting natural resources and ecosystems. She has guided our District as we grow and change and yet maintain the values and attributes that come with a unified vision for our future as a community.

Ann Giantvalley, Port Orchard
Hooray once again! I received my primary ballot and the voter pamphlet. We are so lucky, so blessed to have a voice in our democracy.

I was in awe of how many people are running for governor. I see only one choice: Governor Inslee who I have so appreciated as a leader during this pandemic. What a difficult job he and all our governors have had with little to no direction from the federal level!

Other leaders I am voting for are Bob Ferguson for Attorney General, Hillary Franz for Commissioner of Public Lands, and Mike Kreidler for Insurance Commissioner. All have served Washington well. I know the elected officials closer to home have more pull for me. My vote is for Joy Stanford and anyone but Jesse Young in the 26th legislative district. In the commissioner’s race my vote goes to Charlotte Garrido.

Philip and Pam Boulding, Olalla
I am writing as a long-time citizen of Kitsap County to strongly express our support to re-elect Charlotte Garrido as County Commissioner.

Not only has Charlotte done an outstanding job in her previous terms as commissioner, but we know her as dear friends know each other; she is an upright person of high moral character, utterly dedicated to her task, devoted to the people she serves and – what has sadly become a novelty in this day and age – she tells the truth.

There are a number of credits and accomplishments that, to me, make Charlotte the obvious choice to help guide us through the next four years:

– Dedication to protection the environment, yet allowing for reasonable growth.
– Reducing homelessness in Kitsap County.
– Promoting a more diverse community and greater equity in the county government.
– Careful attention to spending the county budget wisely.
– Attracting business paying living wage jobs to Kitsap County.

Her over-all experience, background and education, dedication, and effective service to the people of Kitsap County.

My wife and I, as musicians and artists having lived and worked in Kitsap County for over four decades – and traveled and toured world-wide – have cherished our friendship with Charlotte and Ray Garrido all these years since the beginning of our time here. There is no better testament of good will than a long-standing friendship with a person whom you know will respond at the drop of a hat to someone else in need. Those are the kinds of people we desperately need in government, now more than ever.

Curt Scott
I am writing to support re-election of Commissioner Charlotte Garrido. Commissioner Garrido is smart, competent, experienced, and extremely hardworking. She’s been at the forefront of extensive efforts to expand the technical industrial base of Kitsap County in order to expand economic opportunities for Kitsap businesses, while also keeping a focus on providing the excellent quality of life to which Kitsap residents have become accustomed. Her grasp of essential components necessary to establish and protect a vigorous business environment while ensuring superior living conditions makes Kitsap County one of the greatest places to live and work in the entire world. In particular, her focus on broadening the technical industrial base of Kitsap County – a vital necessity for Kitsap residents to compete in the modern world – has been outstanding. For Kitsap County voters who seek a promising, prosperous future for Kitsap County, the smartest thing they can do is re-elect Charlotte Garrido as Commissioner. She has done great work already and will continue that upward trajectory to a very bright Kitsap County future.

David Bricklin
Charlotte Garrido works hard for her constituents.  She deserves another term.  Charlotte Garrido has a proven record of limiting government spending.  Charlotte Garrido makes sure that taxpayer funds are spent on critical needs: good roads, housing for those in need, and protecting our water from pollution.  Charlotte Garrido’s work is not done.  Give her four more years to protect our communities. 

Gayle Helseth-Kenison, Seabeck
I am old enough to remember when our County Commissioners did not concern themselves with the beautiful environment we all live in and enjoy. They also did not work to improve the lives of our more vulnerable neighbors, who became homeless or had issues with mental health or addiction.

Charlotte Garrido has made it her life’s work to protect our natural resources and prioritize the building of new homes where the infrastructure exists to support them. She has also worked hard to develop programs that serve all of us, including our more vulnerable citizens.

We now have new challenges from the Covid-19 virus. We have lost friends and neighbors, and businesses have closed their doors. The next few years will not be easy. This is not the time to elect new inexperienced politicians. Please join me in returning a proven leader, Charlotte Garrido, to continue governing with knowledge and heart.

Helen Hoover, Kingston
Charlotte Garrido works hard on building our economy while protecting the environment.

She supports jobs that help keep our air and waterways healthy for humans and wildlife. She tirelessly searches for ways to help slow down climate change to help prevent the rise of sea level and forest fires. Many of our homes and neighborhoods are dangerously close to sea level — some even on cliffs. Charlotte wants to keep Kitsap a wonder of beauty for our citizens, guests, and tourists which is another industry. Please support Charlotte. If you mail your ballot, please get it in the mail before November 3 so that your vote will be counted.

Mary-Cathern Miller-Holloway, Port Orchard
I have known Charlotte Garrido for over 30 years, and will vote again to re-elect her as our County Commissioner.

We know we can count on Charlotte for intelligent and experienced leadership. She is the person we need now at this point in historic unrest. She will continue her dedication of listening to us, working with us, adding her wisdom to budget matters, environmental and veterans’ issues. She genuinely cares about us.