"I believe people have the power to make a difference. Our future depends on a strong economy, a healthy environment and local people working together. As your County Commissioner these are my priorities—for a Kitsap County we can be proud of!"

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[expand title=”Dear Neighbors Pat Callahan, Bainbridge Island”]
Earlier this year I volunteered to serve as the Democratic Precinct person in our neighborhood. Our precinct is called Winslow 304 and is the largest precinct in Kitsap County.
I am sure you have plenty to do other than read a letter from me. You have kids, a job, or other stuff. My spouse, Karen Kilbane, and I certainly do as well. We volunteered simply because there seems to be A LOT AT STAKE, nationally, statewide and locally. While you get plenty of literature thrown at you right before an election, I just wanted to highlight a few candidates I know personally, and trust. I hope you will research their record and consider voting for them. They are:
• Sherry Appleton running for State Representative – an incumbent who has served us very well, and has been an advocate for children, the disabled and victims of domestic violence.
• Charlotte Garrido running for County Commissioner – an incumbent and an experienced public servant that works tirelessly for Kitsap County.
• Hilary Franz – a former Bainbridge Council member running for a statewide position as Commissioner of Public Lands. She will bring energy, experience and insight to that office.
I highlight these few above because they are in very competitive races. I also support the entire Democratic line up, but want to highlight two others I know and trust:
• Derek Kil mer – Our Congressman who is doing an excellent job. I believe we have the most thoughtful and hardworking member of the U.S House of Representative in the entire country.
• Jay lnslee – Our neighbor and Governor. He has done a great job. Our state needs him for another term as a true environmental leader.
We all vote our conscience. As you do so, I ask you consider these five public servants. I remain hopeful we will retain the White House and elect these five people, and many others committed to prosperity, education, equality and fairness. If we do, our future is better than the current election cycle seems to suggest.
Thank you.[/expand]


[expand title=”Commissioner Garrido helps constituents Robert Bonneville, Wauna”]
The average person seldom gets involved with County government. However, if you do it can be bewildering. We petitioned for two simple manufactured home building permits without any luck for three years. Our nightmare finally ended when we met with Commissioner Charlotte Garrido.

Commissioner Garrido showed a keen understanding of the issues and the technical aspects of building permits, as well as the land-use issues. Her experience with land management proved instrumental in solving our problem.
Two weeks after the meeting with Charlotte Garrido we had our building permits. All the nonsense evaporated. There was no creek on the property. There were no wetland violations. There were no violations of a road approach permit. The road approach permit had already been issued. It is a separate permit from the building permit. The County code enforcement guy didn’t care about those niceties. He was busy looking for additional “violations”. Supposedly an anonymous complaint was made about working with concrete panels. But there was never any work on the property with concrete panels. The phony citations for, “Working without a valid road approach permit” were dismissed.
Without the intervention of a representative like Commissioner Charlotte Garrido you are powerless to affect a problem that might develop out of nowhere. Please, let us be smart enough to retain a Commissioner who actually has an open door policy. Should you ever have a problem with the County directly and ruinously affecting your life, you’ll be glad to have someone like Commissioner Charlotte Garrido to turn to.[/expand]


[expand title=”Garrido’s work ethic earns my vote Lisa B. Martin, Indianola”]

Charlotte Garrido’s experience as a seasoned, hardworking Kitsap County commissioner says much about her, but her character and proven track record reveal that she puts into action things we all value: vibrant communities, a healthy and sustainable environment, and public policies that serve just that — the public, including many people and projects in need. Matters such as protecting our land and seascapes, access to affordable housing, workforce development, and improved access to social services in the nonprofit sector have received and will continue to receive Charlotte’s attention and leadership, on our citizenry’s behalf.
As a Kitsap County Commissioner running for re-election, she has proved herself as a sincere and dedicated change-maker with a 30-year track record of successful and diligent efforts in support of sustainable community planning, rural policy, watershed planning, as well as a in roles as a former elected park commissioner and in her current service on the Regional Open Space Strategies (ROSS), which envisions a balance between built environments and nature.
Simply put, we need as many truly hard working women (and men) in politics as we can get. Charlotte Garrido’s desire and proven commitment to serve for us all again in the challenging role of Kitsap County commissioner has earned my respect, and my vote. I urge others to research her experience, know her work ethic, and cast their vote in her support.[/expand]


[expand title=”Commissioner Garrido Understands Economic Impact Wendy Tyner, Bainbridge Island”]

A recent letter to the Sun expressed opinions about Commissioner Garrido’s ability to meet a “third term test” for being re-elected County Commissioner. The writer acknowledges that Commissioner Garrido’s top priorities are building a strong economy that creates jobs and supports local businesses, and working to ensure efficient and effective county services. However, I think they failed to recognize that healthy local food systems do, in fact, support small businesses and enhance the economic vitality of our region.
We live, work and play in a community that recognizes the importance of the preservation of farmland and locally-sourced food. Commissioner Garrido’s focus on small businesses that prioritize local food systems directly strengthen our County’s economic, social and environmental development. Her efforts to include food and farm policies in the Comprehensive Plan, to co-chair the Puget Sound Regional Council Food Policy Committee and meet directly with small businesses exemplifies her visionary leadership in this area. Commissioner Garrido’s championing of local food and farming has and will continue to strengthen our local economy and improve the quality of life for all of us. Commissioner Garrido’s work is helping to build a strong economy that creates jobs and supports local businesses.
During her tenure, our County has increased the business of small farms selling locally sourced food and farm products. The County has seen an increase in agri-tourism, farmstays, farmstands, Community Subscription Agriculture (CSA’s), and restaurants and grocery stores that sell locally-sourced food. Not only has this been good for our small businesses, but it is also contributing to healthier food choices that help produce healthier children.
I believe that Commissioner Garrido more than meets the “third term test”, and deserves your vote on Election Day.[/expand]


[expand title=”Garrido’s one of the best leaders Barbara Felver, Bremerton”]

In my years covering politics and government for local newspapers, I have seen first-hand what constitutes leadership. Charlotte Garrido embodies the qualities we need most in a leader: integrity, intelligence, intention, and heart.

Charlotte is one of the hardest working people I know. Whether convening neighbors to engage their ideas and help with a local road project, working with other regional leaders to strengthen infrastructure or health systems, or hunkering down to make tough budget calls, she never wavers from her commitment to securing the brightest future for Kitsap County.

I wholeheartedly endorse Charlotte Garrido for re-election as Kitsap County Commissioner, and urge you to join me in supporting one of the finest officials our community has known.[/expand]


[expand title=”Garrido gets citizens involved Kassie Sarr-Dietershagen, Bremerton “]

Charlotte Garrido has been making improvements in Kitsap County for many years. She became involved in city planning when she first moved here over 30 years ago. After attending several public meetings where very few people showed up, she realized that there was a great need for public involvement in local politics. Charlotte has worked to bring communities together, to understand what people love about Kitsap and what needs improvement.
One of Charlotte’s priorities is to address the homelessness crisis. By bringing experts and those directly affected together she has opened the door to greater understanding and better solutions.
On a personal level, I’m impressed by Charlotte’s intelligence and kindness. When I came here a little over a year ago, I knew no one and nothing more that this would be home while my significant other was stationed at Bangor. Charlotte came up to me at an event and introduced herself. Not only did she welcome me to the area, she helped me search for a job. I have realized that Charlotte engages everyone she meets with this level of concern and interest.
When Charlotte first ran for office it was to give voice to private citizens, to raise awareness about policies and programs, and to increase the feeling of community that benefits —and welcomes—us all. This is still at the heart of her campaign today.
There is no one better fit for this job, nor more dedicated, intelligent, or experienced. Vote for Commissioner Charlotte Garrido and she will continue to make you proud.[/expand]


[expand title=”Choose Garrido for county commissioner Victoria Hilt, Bremerton “]

One of the most difficult things about elections for most voters is trusting our elected officials will follow through on their promises.
As a fellow citizen of Kitsap County, I am asking you, please educate yourself, and choose someone with integrity and dedication to her position.
I first met Commissioner Garrido at a meeting with Senator Maria Cantwell regarding affordable housing problems. I shared my story and concerns. I watched as Charlotte took down comments, questions, and ideas from around the room. This information was used in the creation of the first ever county wide workshop to address the growing homelessness problem in Kitsap County. 30+ agencies from around Kitsap County were there to collaborate and come up with solutions with resolution dates.
I’ve seen her around Kitsap County meeting with constituents and knocking on doors to find out what issues matter to us.
She has a history of getting out and speaking to the people and addressing their concerns through collaborative and purposeful action. Charlotte values the same parts of Kitsap County that we do — our environment, our businesses, and our citizens.
There is a lot of political propaganda right now trying to convince voters that we need big change and new voices. I 100 percent agree that there are needed changes in our county, and I endorse Charlotte Garrido to be the voice for the county. She’s proven she will speak for those she represents. I trust her to do it again.
Educate yourself, and re-elect Charlotte Garrido[/expand]


[expand title=”Charlotte Garrido – True leadership Linda Streissguth, Bremerton “]

This year has been an interesting year to be a spectator in the political arena, witnessing the distraction which – too often – has diverted attention from issues that matter in our everyday lives. I have watched as political discourse has had an angry edge, and, at times, has been disrespectful of those who serve our citizens.
True leadership takes collaboration, a willingness to listen to all viewpoints, and patience to do the hard work of outreach to voices that often aren’t heard. It takes thoughtful, deliberate decision making based upon facts and citizen input. And, it takes character and integrity to look for solutions and compromise when differing viewpoints cannot be reconciled.
From my personal experience working with Commissioner Garrido – she is that kind of leader. She deserves respect and appreciation for her dedication to public service. She has earned our vote for the work she has done on behalf of Kitsap County citizens. I urge you to join me in supporting her reelection to the Board of County Commissioners [/expand]


[expand title=”Garrido’s the leader we need in Kitsap Jim Heytvelt, Harper”]

The citizens of Kitsap County have the opportunity to continue outstanding experienced leadership with the re-election of Commissioner Charlotte Garrido
Commissioner Garrido has lead the way on balancing a fiscally responsible county budget while maintaining effective and proficient government.
Garrido works tirelessly to collaborate with citizens, county staff, and elected officials on improving issues so important to keeping Kitsap County as the wonderful place to live.
Re-elect Charlotte Garrido for the experienced county commissioner we need.[/expand]


[expand title=”Experience: Our Biggest Asset Jo Reasons, Port Orchard”]

There are times when experience is simply the most important factor in a decision; understanding the complexity of Kitsap County Government is such a time. Charlotte Garrido brings that experience to her current position as Kitsap County Commissioner. The complexity of just three commissioners running the government of this large, mostly rural county, surrounded by essential water and integrated with multiple military installations requires knowledge, balance, caring, commitment, and most of all experience. Charlotte has shown growth in all of these attributes from having selflessly served Kitsap County in many capacities for more than thirty years, but twelve as an active, hard-working county commissioner.

Charlotte’s strengths are in bringing people together to identify and solve problems. Whether the issue is county-wide or simply raised by a small neighborhood group, she listens, brings the parties together and finds positive ways to move forward. She uses this approach whether working on economic development, protection of our natural environment, or long-term transportation issues. She understands our county’s responsibility to the waters and shorelines of Puget Sound and Hood Canal. All of this comes with the years of learning and experience that have made Charlotte an effective county commissioner. She is well-integrated into the complex administration of Kitsap County Government. Let’s keep putting her experience to work!

Note: Charlotte also sponsors a sustainable film series, followed by community discussion, on the third Thursday of each month at the Dragonfly Theater in Port Orchard – an opportunity to learn and get involved![/expand]


[expand title=”Garrido listened, acted on our concerns Frank and Paul Minteer, Olalla “]

Charlotte Garrido has demonstrated concern for property owners by getting involved with local issues like the Banner Road project. She came to our home here in Olalla with the project engineer to observe the impacts some of the dozen road options would have on our 1914 vintage home.

One option put a road between our house and our gazebo, one cut through the middle of our pasture, and one too part of our barn. Another wild plan lowered Culver Road 30 feet below its current location and our mail box. (Air mail by drone, maybe?)

We believe she guided the process to a more sensible option, relieving us and our neighbors on Banner Road, who were threatened by the options. Thanks, Charlotte, for being there for us.[/expand]


[expand title=”No one works harder than Garrido Gene Bullock, Poulsbo “]
Charlotte Garrido has been working hard for Kitsap County in one capacity or another for the last 30 years. She was already deeply experienced at serving the needs and solving the problems of Kitsap County long before she was elected Kitsap County Commissioner. She came to the position with an unmatched history of hands-on leadership on Kitsap community planning and advisory boards, such as watershed planning, community planning, rural policy, Boundary Review Board, Historical Society Board, elected park commissioner, etc.

Charlotte has the heart, experience and proven grit to make the tough choices on behalf of all of us. She will continue to work hard for greater inclusiveness, fairness and the economic and environmental health of our community.

Nobody works harder for Kitsap County than Charlotte Garrido. She deserves your vote.[/expand]


[expand title=”Re-elect Charlotte Garrido Garry Porter, Olalla “]

I agree with the recommendations from two previous letters to the editor (Judith Friedberg-Nerf and Tom Nevins) in regards to retaining Charlotte Garrido as the District 2 Kitsap County Commissioner. Charlotte has shown great leadership and a personal involvement in issues affecting her constituents. A specific example of how she helped me recently is as follows:

The Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan is opened every 8-10 years for property rezoning requests and I, among dozens of other people, filed a re-zoning request. In contrast to the other re-zoning requests, my request could be considered trivial in nature but nevertheless important to me. The county re-zoning process is expensive and lengthy but ultimately the county planning staff recommended that my zoning request be approved. However, at the last minute I learned that my request was going to be disapproved, for no apparent reason, by the planning commission. I had very little time to respond. So when I asked for help from Charlotte Garrido, she stepped in and took charge. Problem quickly resolved. I could not have done it without Charlotte’s personal intervention and time.

Aside from this personal experience, over the years I have found Charlotte extremely dedicated to the people of Kitsap County and a visionary for the continued healthy growth of the community that we live in. Please re-elect Charlotte.[/expand]


[expand title=”Keep Garrido in commissioner’s office Tom Nevins, Poulsbo “]
The ballots have arrived and it is time to decide. It is time to choose Charlotte Garrido to continue as Kitsap County Commissioner.

The county government is working well and will continue to improve under the leadership of Charlotte Garrido. The county is gaining jobs and citizens. Charlotte has the experience and values to guide Kitsap government so the best qualities of our county will be sustained.

Please mark your ballot for Charlotte Garrido, County Commissioner.[/expand]


[expand title=”Garrido has delivered for constituents Judith Friedberg-Nerf, Bremerton “]

Mr. Cairns’ recent letter to the editor implies South Kitsap County Commissioner is unworthy of her salary and benefits, and that District 2 constituents haven’t received sufficient benefit from Charlotte Garrido’s service. Further he urges voters to “demand specifics …” before casting ballots.

Unfortunately, his letter reflects no examples, nor does he state expectations not met.

So I began to research …

I found that during 2009-2011 Kitsap County budget crisis, commissioners paid out of pocket toward their own medical expenses — Mrs. Garrido saving the county the most money.

Further, his letter states “it’s a very expensive office demanding an occupant with” imagination and energy — and implies Mrs. Garrido doesn’t deliver. So I refreshed my memory re: her administrative and legislative duties. See: www.kitsapgov.com/boc/garrido/Boards.committees.htm.

Mrs. Garrido’s experience is deep and broad, her leadership contributions, sterling. Her finger is on the pulse of Kitsap County, she’s informed, she delivers. I am glad she wants to continue serving.[/expand]