"I believe people have the power to make a difference. Our future depends on a strong economy, a healthy environment and local people working together. As your County Commissioner these are my priorities—for a Kitsap County we can be proud of!"

Re-elect Charlotte Garrido

We see no reason to replace County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido. She has good ideas to improve the efficiency in Public Works, Parks, Human Services and Department of Community Development’s response to constituent needs. She makes land-use decisions knowing that “people have to live with those decisions a long time.” She’s worked to improve the county’s codes related to agriculture, and wants to improve the ability of smaller growers to get their produce to market. She supports establishing zoning for tiny houses as a source of affordable housing.

Garrido’s opponent, Christopher Tibbs, supports improving traffic flow on Highway 3 through Gorst. County and regional governments are already working on it.

Garrido is a knowledgeable public servant who operates in a nonpartisan fashion. She sees working with city officials as a key ingredient in helping address important issues in the county, and has been front and center in helping seek solutions to the homelessness issue in the county. She involves residents in the formulation of county policy. She’s smart, is a quick study and is approachable. Re-elect Garrido.