"I believe people have the power to make a difference. Our future depends on a strong economy, a healthy environment and local people working together. As your County Commissioner these are my priorities—for a Kitsap County we can be proud of!"


Charlotte Garrido and Derek Kilmer
“Charlotte Garrido is a tireless champion for Kitsap County. As County Commissioner, Charlotte has led the charge on workforce training and development, protecting our most valued natural resources, and modernizing local government to improve efficiency and citizen access. We need Charlotte’s leadership and expertise at this critical time. I am proud to support her re-election, and I hope you will too!” U. S. Congressman Derek Kilmer

Charlotte Garrido and Robert Boddie
“”I’ve known Charlotte Garrido for over 30 years. Charlotte has always been a steadfast supporter of the community of color. She served as a
board member on People Organized Working for Ethnic Reality (POWER) an organization seeking to strengthen multiracialism in our Kitsap County. She was an early supporter of Bishop Larry Robertson’s vision to create a community center serving youth and families. She joined Linda Joyce and the Kitsap YWCA to secure housing for women fleeing abusive relationships. As a county commissioner she worked with Tara Simmons to secure just employment practices for people who were formerly incarcerated. These are just a few examples of her efforts in our community.   Now she continues reaching out to understand and act on our thoughts and strengthen multiracialism in Kitsap County. In times like these we need Charlotte’s dedication, knowledge, and experience to help us carry on. That’s why I’m supporting her for re-election. She never stops working for and with us.” Robert Boddie, Community Activist

I strongly endorse Charlotte Garrido for Kitsap County Commissioner.  She has served extraordinarily in that capacity the past several years.  She is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate for and about our county.  Charlotte is a member of one of the most selfless families I know.
I first worked hand-in-hand with Charlotte when I was the budget judge, a position I held for a number of years, for the Superior Court.  She is conservative when it comes to the taxpayer’s dollars, requiring that there be a positive cost benefit for every dollar spent.  But she also knows that tremendous savings can be achieved by investing in prevention.
Having seen her work and witnessed her compassion, I wholeheartedly, and without reservation, endorse Charlotte Garrido.  She has more than earned my vote and yours.
Jay Roof, Superior Court Judge (Ret.)

Support from National, State, Regional, and Local leaders is critical accomplishing our goals. I have that support:
Suquamish Indian Tribe
Washington State Senator Emily Randall
Washington State Senator Christine Rolfes

Washington State Representative Sherry Appleton
Kitsap County Commissioner Robert Gelder
Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers
Pierce County Council Member Derek Young
San Juan County Commissioner Jamie Stevens
Skagit County Commissioner Ken Dahlstedt
Port Orchard City Council Member Fred Chang

Gig Harbor City Council Member Jeni Woock
State Senator Phil Rockefeller (Ret.)
State Representative Larry Seaquist (Ret.)
Kitsap Superior Court Judge Jay Roof (Ret.)
Kitsap County Sheriff Pat Jones (Ret.)
Kitsap County Commissioner Chris Endresen Scott (Ret.)

Kitsap County Commissioner Phil Best (Ret.)
Jefferson County Commissioner Kathleen Kler (Ret.)
Kitsap Economic Development Alliance ED John Powers (Ret.)

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