It is my honor to serve as your Kitsap County Commissioner and I enjoy the daily challenges and opportunities to work-out solutions and to serve Kitsap County residents responsibly and effectively. 

I have a long record of championing local quality-of-life issues, but there is still much to be done! I can’t do it without your help.  That is why I am asking you now to support my campaign for re-election.  I will do my best to fulfill my duties as your Commissioner and also to get the word out to voters so we can prevail in the election, but I need your support. Your endorsement of my candidacy, a contribution of $50, $100, or whatever amount you can afford, will go a long way by helping me reach out to the voters in District 2.

Our future depends on a strong economy, a healthy environment and local people working together.  With your assistance, I will continue to serve you and our friends and neighbors to address important issues that include: 

  • Growing living-wage job opportunities in Kitsap County
  • Advocating for affordable housing for all our residents
  • Working to protect our environment
  • Stewarding your tax dollars by monitoring budget expenditures and revenues while ensuring efficiency and results
  • Maintaining smart transportation options – including ferries, transit, and regional trails for pedestrians and bicycles
  • Listening to residents and representing their voices for a responsible and responsive government.

This is a stressful time and it’s important that we keep experienced people in government as we work together to keep our community strong. That is why I want to continue serving you. Again, I sincerely thank you for your continued support and partnership.  As always, please keep sending your ideas, comments, and feedback because they help me do a better job of serving you and our community.

Yours in public service,

Charlotte Garrido

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